She said YES!

Just wanted to let all of our followers in the blogosphere know that Gabriella and I got engaged yesterday! Since everyone has asked: I trained a kitten to deliver a message that started her on a treasure hunt leading her to the top of highest building in Melbourne where a plane was writing my message in the sky at sunset while a string quartet was playing the first song we slow-danced to. Actually….that’s a lie. But the truth was even more amazing and she ecstatically (and thankfully) said “OF COURSE! YES!”

We celebrated the day with our great friends here and were skyping with family and friends back home to deliver the good news. Melbourne has already been a special place for us and now it holds one more great memory. I also wanted to make sure we could share it with our friends since we’re so far from home, which worked out perfectly. We look forward to celebrating with all of you the next time we’re back in the US/Canada.


ps – no, we don’t have a date or location planned. one thing at a time people. 😉


11 thoughts on “She said YES!

  1. Gabriella told me today. That is fantastic news. I don’t know you Blake, but you have definitely done a very good thing. Gabriella is such a force for good. And you clearly have very good taste. Wishing you a long life together full of love and light xxx Jane

  2. Are you guys sure about this? Maybe you both should spend some time together, you know, get to know each other better…ha ha (notice how I crack myself up sometimes!) We’re so happy for you guys!! Mazel Tov!! XOXO

  3. Sheila, I (and grandma too), are just so very thrilled at the good news. I just read Aunt Michele’s comment to you and it was hilarious. I wish that I would have thought of that. At any rate, as your mom has said, Blake, you seem to have that Finchler sense of humor. I don’t know whether that’s good or not but it certainly is entertaining. Once again, we all wish both of you the very best of luck and a very long and healthy life. We can’t wait to see you again and to finally meet that lovely woman who has decided to put up with you for the rest of her life. She is welcomed into the family with open arms.
    Pop-Pop and Sheila

  4. That’s amazing news, I wish you and Gabriella the best. I actually believed your proposal until I read “string quartet” that was a bit too much, but hey I don’t know you THAT well so… anyway good job on both of you!! I love the way you write as well btw. Enjoy your travels together, I’m so jealous you guys are still down under. Make the best of it!!! xxx

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